November 28, 2022

FIVE Keys To A Browns Victory Against The Dolphins

5: Score Lots of Points – Especially Against Dolphins

The Cleveland Browns next opponent is the Miami Dolphins in Miami. The Dolphins have a high-powered offense and have been scoring lots of points over these past few games. If the Cleveland Browns want to have a chance at winning this game, they must find a way to put up points as well. The Browns will have many opportunities to put points on the board in this game.

The Browns defense should find ways to force some turnovers and then score on these turnovers. If the Browns can force a few turnovers and score on these possessions, they will likely win this game. Scoring points can also mean field goals. That means if we are in field goal range and get stopped, before going for it on 4th and five, tack on a field goal and score points. The key to the game for the Browns is to score points. It doesn’t matter how or if it’s field goals or touchdowns, points need to be a major factor in this game for a victory.


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