5 Huge tips to get good – Rainbow Six Siege


If you’ve never made it to the end of Rainbow Six Siege or you’re a one-win-one-lose gamer, there’s a lot to learn. R6 Siege is not only about shooting. You must be tactical, observant, and critical, combining some shooter skills. Rainbow Six Siege has complex mechanics and claustrophobic maps, unlike other competitive FPS games

To be good and conquer the game, you must practice, watch pros, learn from your errors, be tactical, and be patient. The process of getting better in the game is gradual. However, you can speed things up when you buy Rainbow Six Siege hacks

Furthermore, check these huge tips to get good in R6 Siege.

Tips to get good in Rainbow Six Siege

  • Practice all your skills

Practicing is vital in improving your skills and game knowledge and becoming a better gamer in Rainbow Six Siege. When you’re ready for practice, train all of your skills, starting from your movement, aiming, sprinting, attacking, and defending skills.

Since the game has a two-way operation option where you can play as an attacker or a defender, you can practice both operator modes. This will help unlock more skills when you jump into actual in-game challenges. Most importantly, you can engage in dedicated practice, practicing one skill at a time.

  • Watch other pro players.

Watching the gameplay or guides of pro players is an old but effective tip to get good at Rainbow Six Siege. Thanks to social media networks, you can navigate through YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and Facebook for gaming videos of pros.

By watching them, your visual memory adapts to the moves, and you’ll notice the changes in your next game. Furthermore, you’ll know why a pro player did what he did, as most of them add in-voice explanations in their videos. 

Their tactics can guide you to start your game from scratch. They can assist in choosing your operator and jumping into matches with the right weapons. 

  • Learn from your Errors

Another tip that can help you improve at R6 Siege is learning from your mistakes. To do that, you can screen-record your gameplay and watch it after each game. You can get a piece of paper and a pen to note your mistakes.

When you start your next game, you’ll be cautious and keen to avoid them. If you’re doing this continuously, you’ll go to another level in the R6 Siege game. If you’ve never reached level 2 of your game, you might see yourself at level 10 in no time.

  • Think outside the box

To think outside the box means to be tactical in all your decisions. For instance, if you’re an attacker, you’ll be approaching bomb sites with care to avoid traps from the defenders. Since you’ll need to take out enemies from different ranges, you should pick weapons with long-range scopes.

On the other hand, as a defender, you’ll be expecting the attackers. So, set traps and bombs, and lure them. Once they’re in range, you can blast them off with your SMG or shotgun. Also, position yourself in angles that will be difficult for the attackers to hit you. 

So, whether you’re a defender or an attacker, you should think all the time tactically.

  • Go with the flow – patience.

Improving in all FPS games requires patience. Try to exercise patience, no matter how tempting it is to reach the end of your game. Without a doubt, you’ll lose several times and win sometimes. All you need to do is go with the flow. It may take a while, but the result is inevitable.

Don’t stop practicing. You can experiment with different weapons until you find your match. You can try out different operators from both sides till you find your hero. So, patience is the key.


Rainbow Six Siege is a popular FPS game in the industry. However, its competitiveness has made a lot of players eager to improve. The good news is that we’ve provided some huge tips above to help you improve dramatically. All you need to conquer the game is practice. Don’t stop practicing. 

Watch pro players and learn from their gameplays. You can go as far as asking them questions. Learn from your mistakes. If you record your gameplay, you’ll notice areas you lagged when you’re watching it. Take note and avoid these mistakes in your next game. 

Furthermore, be a tactical thinker. More importantly, exercise patience and go with the flow. Over time, you will get better in the game.

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