April 23, 2024

It’s 3-1 Day and here in Cleveland it is a very special day to begin March. It represents our Cavaliers and the amazing comeback down three games to one against the Golden State Warriors in the 2016 NBA Finals.

It was truly awesome.

The highlights of this comeback center around Game 7 on the road with The Shot made by Kyrie Irving, The Block made by LeBron James and The Stop made by Kevin Love to seal the deal and win the game for the team.

However, it was the defense by JR Smith that allowed for LeBron James to have the opportunity to make that incredible block to win the game. Looking at the highlight, it was Smith getting back to defend that saved the game for the Cavs.

Certainly, LeBron’s block was fantastic, but it takes two to tango and that showed on this play. JR Smith was actually quoted as saying this via sportscasting.com

“Me and Bron used to do that every time. Somebody switch, if he got the ball and it is you on the break, just know I’m coming. Just give me a split second and I’ll get to it. I didn’t look behind me, none of that. Andre Iguodala go up, extra second, block, win, championship.

“You don’t give me credit for that because he got the block. But you give me credit for the loss because I rebound the ball and dribbled it out. On top of that, I’m the one who made him slow the ball up… It’s a totally different narrative to what suits the situation. You gonna call Batman the villain or you gonna call Joker the villain? They called me the Joker for 10 years already, so what you gonna do?”

Never forgot 3-1 and never forget who made it all happen in the first place. It will certainly remain in the history of Cleveland sports forever and that is thanks to, in part, JR Smith’s defensive effort to allow for The Block to even happen. 

Happy 3-1 Day, Cavs Fans!

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