2018 NFL Season Predictions


(2) Steelers 11-5.

Ravens 8-8

Browns 6-10

Bengals 6-10

The AFC North will once again be led by the Pittsburgh Steelers, whose offense and defensive front seven will be too much for the other teams in the division. The Ravens should continue to be a competitive team in the league, while the Bengals will need to adapt to their new mix of young talent and veterans.

The Browns are surely an improved team, but as all young teams are, they will need to prove that they can compete with the league’s top talent. Jarvis Landry, Tyrod Taylor, and Terrance Mitchell may be the three biggest “veterans” they brought in this offseason, but all three are under the age of 30. The bottom line is that this team is learning, and as Browns fans, we should happily take anything more than four wins. I think six is a reasonable mark to hit.

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