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For the third straight year, the Patriots are in a Super Bowl and are playing a different team. The Vikings are hyped up for the game, and show it early with a defensive stop followed by a big play from Dalvin Cook on the Vikings’ first possession. The Patriots hang around in the first half but seem to be thrown off by the bye week and make several mistakes that prevent field goal opportunities. At halftime, the Vikings lead 17-7.

The Patriots come to life in the third quarter, forcing a fumble and then kicking a field goal on the ensuing drive. The Vikings begin playing more conservatively to hold the lead, but it backfires as they struggle to gain field position and give the Patriots three straight scores in the quarter. It’s tied at 20 heading into the fourth.

Right when everyone thinks Tom Brady has taken command of the game, the Vikings score an incredible touchdown via a diving Kyle Rudolph grab. Brady responds, however, and marches down the field with a TD pass to Chris Hogan. With under two minutes to play, the Patriots fail to push the ball past the Vikings’ 40-yard line and decide to punt. The Vikings take advantage of the prevent defense and grab a string of first downs and claw their way onto the Patriots side of the field. As they set up for the 57-yard field goal for the win, a flag is thrown for an offsides penalty on New England, moving the ball five yards closer and thus allowing Daniel Carlson to just barely nail the game-winning kick. Vikings win Super Bowl LIII by a score of 30-27.

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