5) Do you trust Dorsey with this draft? What will his strategy be?

Menachem – I do trust Dorsey. He has a great track record. It’s interesting to look at his previous drafts, he made a big move up last year to get the QB he liked. He seems like he’s not afraid to go “all in” at any point of the draft.

Aaron – Absolutely, Dorsey and company have had a great track record with drafting talent. I think it’ll be the best available player, who will provide the biggest impact on the first day.

Chris – As a Browns fan who always has hope going into every season, I do think we have to trust Dorsey in his first draft as Browns GM. Looking at his time in Kansas City, he has done well with a good amount of his picks in both early and late rounds. I’m not sure what his strategy will be, and I’m interested to see which way he will go. He could go best player available regardless of position, or he could fill spots of need based on talent available.

Chuck – Hard to determine how trusting I am of Dorsey. Based on his free agent signing activity I am encouraged. I’ll be able to better answer the question after I how the first round shakes out.

Ian – I fully trust Dorsey with this draft. With his time in Green Bay/KC, he has shown that he can build a winner. I think Dorsey has the perfect situation. Taking over a 0-16 team, his strategy has to be getting the most skilled players at all positions across the board.


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