4) Is a trade of the fourth pick acceptable? Why or why not?

Menachem – Depending on the trade. If the Browns can get a haul similar to what the Colts got from the Jets I would be amenable to a trade.

Aaron – Absolutely, this draft isn’t that great in terms of talent. I would much rather them trade down and load up on picks for next year, while still picking up some guys who can have an impact on the team.

Chris – The Browns could absolutely move out of the fourth pick here. If the rumors are to be believed, the Bills could offer 12 and 22 for our second pick. Looking at draft pick valuation numbers, the Browns could move the 22nd pick up if they are willing to move any of their second-round picks. If the Browns could land three top-20 picks and grab successful players here, it could really jumpstart the team reboot.

Chuck – More cracks at piñata = greater opportunity to achieve success.

Ian – I do not think that trading the 4th pick is acceptable. Too many times Browns fans have seen the team trade down and miss out on talent (Wentz, Watson, etc.). Plus as I said earlier, I believe Bradley Chubb is the best player in the draft and I think the Browns can get him at four.


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