3) What do you hope to see the Browns to do at 1.4?

Menachem – At pick #4 I hope the Browns get Denzel Ward from Ohio State.

Aaron – Trade down. Draft Mike McGlinchey and Courtland Sutton.

Chris – Depending on which players are available after the first three picks have been made, the Browns could go a number of directions. A lot of it will boil down to who the Browns like the most, if anyone. With Barkley, Chubb, Nelson and some others in play, pick four seems like a no lose spot.

Chuck – The scenario where possibly the two best non-QB prospects being available to the Browns at 1.4 is more likely than not. This will not be a popular opinion but if the Bills offer 12, 22, ’18 2nd, plus ’19 1st rounder I think the Browns should bite. Prospects available at 12 and 22 could include Derwin James, Roquan Smith, Fitzpatrick, McGlinchey and Harold Landry. By selecting 3x the 1st round talent than every other NFL team in back to back years puts Cleveland at such a comparative advantage it seems too hard to screw up.

Ian – With the 4th pick I hope the Browns take Bradley Chubb, DE from NC State. Chubb/Garrett could terrorize QB’s for the next 6 years together and be one of the top D-lines in the league. Chubb is the best player in the draft and getting him at 4 is a complete steal.


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