2) Who should the Browns draft first overall and why?

Menachem – QB Sam Darnold. He needs some time to continue to develop which bodes well for the front office bringing in Taylor.

Aaron – Bradley Chubb, he would be a great addition to the d-line. Alongside Myles Garrett, they would be a monstrous pass-rush duo, and then you could move Ogbah to OLB to help fill the void there.

Chris – The Browns don’t really have much of a choice here. They absolutely have to draft a QB first overall, because they can’t let two other teams dictate who they end up with with the fourth pick. If I had my way, we’d draft Baker Mayfield. He’s got the tools and intangibles to be a good QB, and having Tyrod ahead of him means he won’t have to start right away.

Chuck – Must be QB. I would be happy with either Rosen or Darnold. Although Rosen’s game may be more refined to start year 1, I think Darnold is the complete package that comes with little baggage. His turnover concerns are overblown in my opinion and more attributed to his awful O-line than his decision-making and accuracy.

Ian – The Browns should draft Sam Darnold, the QB from USC. He is the clear cut number one QB. He has said that he wants to play here and is planning on playing here (throwing in the rain on his Pro Day because it rains in Cleveland). He was being pressured against OSU in the Cotton Bowl and was still throwing laser beams against a horrible O-Line.


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