With Menachem Ickovitz, Aaron Crowell, Chris Kozimer, Chuck Gioffre and Ian Tumey

1) Who is the Browns biggest addition this off-season so far and why?

Menachem – Biggest addition has to be Tyrod Taylor. This is a quarterback-driven league and Taylor has won at this level.

Aaron – Tyrod Taylor by far. Adding a consistent QB to a QB needy team is the best move, and it’s not even close.

Chris – I think the biggest offseason acquisition is Tyrod Taylor. Taylor has a stable history in the league and has shown he is capable of taking a team to the playoffs. The other nice thing is he’s used to dealing with questionable coaching moves, as evidenced last season.

Chuck – Tyrod Taylor. And it’s not close. Although I was a big fan of Kizer and think his rookie year was epically mismanaged, Taylor is an immediate upgrade in terms of experience and ability to process NFL defenses. Although his play wasn’t bad during his tenure in Buffalo, results were average overall, which ultimately led Buffalo to believe it was time to move on. From the Browns standpoint, the move makes sense, it provides an upgrade at the NFL’s most important position, the cost to acquire wasn’t egregious and presuming Cleveland drafts a QB at 1 (please), it provides enough time to bridge the gap for the rookie to develop. On the flip side, if Tyrod is the answer at QB, then the move is a home run. The whole theory would render pointless if we don’t take a QB at 1……so take a QB.

Ian – The biggest Browns addition of this off-season so far IMO is Tyrod Taylor. Jarvis Landry is the more skilled player, but here’s why. Tyrod Taylor just took a Bills team to the playoffs. Also with the Browns having the first pick, they can select their QB and have them learn under Taylor rather than just throwing them to the wolves (Tim Couch)


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