November 27, 2022

2018-19 Season Outlook on Key Second-Year Players

For The Win – USA Today

Jordan Clarkson

They say Jordan Clarkson’s biggest fan is, well, Jordan Clarkson. Only if he had played better during the playoffs, he might have gotten away with it.

Despite calls for Clarkson’s benching during the playoffs last season, he played relatively well during the regular season as the team’s best scorer from the bench. Per 36 minutes, Clarkson averaged over 20 PPG in 25 games with the Cavs. Overall, Clarkson’s field goal percentage (.456), three-point percentage (.407) and free throw percentage (.810) all increased during his time with the Cavs, despite playing less minutes.

What got Clarkson into trouble was his inability to score consistently during the playoffs. Not only did Clarkson not score, he just looked bad during spurts when he was on the court. With numbers like a .301 FG% and .239 3P%, Clarkson definitely left a bad taste in the mouths of Cavs fans going into the offseason.

Given that the championship-or-bust mentality has traveled to Los Angeles with James, Clarkson has what it takes to be a producing member of a fringe playoff team like this year’s Cavs. Ironically, it was just last year with the Lakers that Clarkson saw his best success.

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