2018-19 Season Outlook on Key Second-Year Players

With the 2018-19 season around the corner, it’s no secret that this second post-LeBron era roster will see its share of ups and downs.

Five-time All-Star Kevin Love signed a long contract extension, effectively making him a Cavalier for the rest of his career, fan favorite in Channing Frye has returned to the team, bringing back a piece of that beloved 2016 NBA Championship team and the team will continue to adjust to life without former franchise cornerstone, Kyrie Irving. In his place, and wearing his jersey number, is rookie PG Collin Sexton and he’s ready to make an impact on the league.

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Not to mention, four specific players will try to make the jump from under-performing with the pressures that come from playing with a generational talent like LeBron James to being key contributing pieces on a rebuilding team. Let’s take a closer took at them now.

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