2017 Finals Shooting Guard Breakdown

Updated: May 29, 2017

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Throughout these playoffs, we have seen some up and down play from the shooting guard position. JR Smith has been playing well but has had some lapses on the defensive side of the ball. Iman Shumpert…well we all know Shump’s problem; he is great on defense but below average shooting the three, which obviously is the base of our offense. Kyle Korver to me has been a surprise defensively. He has been playing rather well, but cannot seem to find his consistency that we’ve all come to love from him shooting the ball. All the of these guys combined are going to be one of the biggest X-factors for this finals series.

For that team out west, their main SG is Klay Thompson. He hasn’t been having the best playoffs this year, whether it be his feelings got hurt or he took a back seat to Cupcake and that other guy, but he is someone who can turn it on at any point and go off for 40 points. Not only is Klay an elite 3-point shooter, but he is a great on-ball defender. That team also has guys like Iggy who even at his age is still an elite defender. Moreover, they have Ian Clark, Matt Barnes and Patrick McCaw who could also play the position.

I do believe that Klay is overall better than JR; his versatility to be an elite three and D player is crazy. JR will need to play huge, just like he has since he came to Cleveland, to be able to compete with the firepower that Klay brings to the table. Even though Klay wins that matchup, I firmly believe that the Cavs have the better SG committee. That team across the Mississippi has about two players that could play the true shooting guard position and that’s Thompson and Stephen Curry. Others could play the position but would be mismatches that favor Cleveland.

The Cavaliers have three solid shooting guards in JR, Shump and Korver, but not only that. If T-Lue decides to go small he can have Kyrie play the two. JR is such a great three and D player that if he gets hot it’s over. Shumpert brings the uber-athleticism off the bench and great defense that we saw in the previous series. To be effective offensively though, Iman will need to start knocking down his three point shots.

Like I said earlier, the Kyle Korverlier has really surprised me defensively. He has been closing out on shooters well and is playing average on-ball defense. If you leave him open, hell even if you have a hand in his face, he’ll drain a three. Korver struggled a bit in the playoffs but has shown some flashes of being lights out. The Cavs will need him to get going offensively if they want to win this series. Finally if T-Lue wants to go small and put Kyrie at the two, he so gifted offensively that he can play off the ball well and be a great compliment to D-Will and LeBron.

Overall, I believe that this series will come down to the role players stepping up and playing big. The Cavs will really need these guys as well as the rest of the team to step it up and play like they’ve never played before. If they do this, then I do BELIEVE that the Cavs will have the advantage at the shooting guard position and I think they will take this series in six games and finally win one at the Q in front of the greatest fans in the World.


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