5. What is the deepest position in the draft this year?

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Chris Sladoje 

I haven’t done the deepest dive into draft prospects, but just looking at the mock drafts, it would seem that the defensive end spot is pretty deep this year.  Joey Bosa, Shaq Lawson and DeForest Buckner could all be top-10 picks.  Throw in Kevin Dodd, as potential top 15 pick, and this seems to be a great draft to bolster your pass rush. 

Cam Carmen 

More so than position, I think there are an immense amount of talented guys on the defensive side of the ball. I have 10 or so defensive players that I think can be pro bowlers in this year’s draft, lots of depth on the defensive side of the ball.

Chris McNeil

I believe defensive line continues to be the deepest position. This is good news for a Browns team that continues to struggle up front and needs to get multiple bodies in the to stop the run on a more consistent basis.

Mario Pollina 

The defensive line position is extremely deep this year. There will be guys drafted in the 3rd round that arguably could have gone in the 1st. This can be attributed not only to the talent at DE and DT, but to the fact that a bunch of players (Spence, Nkemdiche, Butler, Jones, Oakman, etc.) have had character issues damper their draft stock.

Rod Bluhm 

I feel that the Browns need to come out of this draft with at least one starting caliber offensive lineman.  The losses of Schwartz and Mack will cause major issues for everyone on the offensive side of the ball.  It doesn’t matter who plays quarterback if that player doesn’t get more than two seconds before he’s sacked.  The team has so many other needs, but I expect at least one of the first six picks to be used on the offensive line.

Ian Tumey 

This draft lacks the superstar talent, but it is a very deep draft.  The deepest of those positions is the defensive end/3-4 linebacker positions.  You have guys like Bosa, Buckner, Lawson, Dodd, Spence, Ogbah and so on.  11 of the top 100 prospects according to CBS sports are defensive ends.  So if you need a DE in this draft, there’s a pretty good chance you can get yourself one.

Chris Kozimer 

The defensive line is the deepest position in the NFL draft, in particular the DE position. There are at least seven DE’s who could hear their name called on day one of the NFL draft, five of whom are not named Bosa or Buckner. While a couple of the DE’s have indiscretions, including Nkemdiche, Spence and Oakman, the fact remains that this draft will likely feature a ton of defensive side picks, with the line a large part of that.

While my original answer here, all of the positions, would be a cop out, it is not untrue. However, given that the question is biggest positional need, the focus should fall on the offense, particularly the offensive line. While the Browns managed to keep Joe Thomas (for now), they lost Mitchell Schwartz and Alex Mack. While the Browns brought in Robert Griffin III to presumably helm the ship this season, they need to add talent to the line so that they can protect that investment. While the offensive line is not the sexiest thing to think about when watching the draft, the Browns need to be responsible and make the necessary picks before the sexy ones.


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