1. What do you think of the trade the Browns made?


Chris Sladoje 

It’s the best move they’ve made all off season.  At this point in the Browns’ rebuild, they need to acquire as much talent as possible.  This trade makes that possible. The Browns picked up two extra picks in this draft, along with the move down to #8, giving them 12 total picks.  Not to mention they also picked up the Eagles’ first round pick next year to pair with their own, plus a 2018 second round pick.  Of course, while the Browns may look smart now, they still need to pick the right players.

Cam Carmen 

The trade with the Eagles was a very smart move. When you’re looking at analytics, it’s extremely important to weigh value and probabilities. And with this trade, we received a bunch of picks which helped our probability of getting guys who could help us. Drafting at #2 was a crapshoot, by gaining picks, we have a much better shot of gaining value.

Chris McNeil

Yes, especially in the context of the new principles guiding this organization. I think it is pretty clear that there are no sure-fire hits in the top of this draft. That is especially true for the quarterback position, which teams commonly are willing to value more than they should overall. The result is that the Browns drop back a few slots while only marginally compromising their chances at getting a premiere player and collected several picks in this draft and next to help fill a depleted roster.

Mario Pollina 

Absolutely, the trade with the Eagles was brilliant. The outlook for the season was already bleak going into the draft. This trade set the team up for the chance to develop in the next two years. With the #8 pick, we can still get a top talent and the extra picks allow for added depth. I also believe that this trade has set us up well to trade down even further while bringing in a good haul of picks from a team looking for a specific player like the Miami Dolphins (Ezekiel Elliott) or the New York Jets (Paxton Lynch).

Rod Bluhm 

I love the trade.  It couldn’t be a sweeter deal at a better time.  With no clearly delineated top-of-the-draft players, this is a perfect class to trade down, yet stay in the top 10.  I don’t really see the eight slot as much different from the two slot this year.  I think both top quarterbacks are slight reaches at the top of the draft.  The Browns received tremendous value and increased their number of picks.  This draft is deep into the fourth round, so the third and fourth round pick from the Eagles should yield players who can contribute.  The future choices can be used to target a QB from a better draft class.

Ian Tumey 

The trade with the Eagles was an amazing move in my opinion.  All off-season we were led to believe that the Browns had fallen in love with Jared Goff’s baby hands or Carson Wentz.  This apparently was not the case because you do not trade away the chance to get a quarterback in the NFL if you absolutely love them.  The Browns apparently did not so they move back to eight and have many more options.  My favorite part about the trade was the acquisition of additional picks.  Some say, “Well, the Browns can’t draft.”  We have a new regime in there which does not include a potato with arms (Ray Farmer), so give them a chance.  The additional first rounder next year is huge, but the dark horse pick for me is the additional second round pick in 2018. I would have been happy without it, but it is just more sugar on top.

Chris Kozimer 

I think it was a fantastic move by the Browns and a very questionable one by the Eagles. The Browns were obviously not sold on the QB at two, which would have likely been Carson Wentz. Instead of taking a big risk and having the eyes of the world upon them, the Browns made the move back and got five picks. Those picks allow them to add more meat to the roster both this year and in the coming years.


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