2015 Cleveland Indians Top 10 Prospects


5. OF Tyler Naquin


Naquin may not have much of a future with the Indians organization, but that does not mean he has solid potential as an MLB prospect. His ceiling is not as high as some of the other prospects on this list as a result of his lack of power, but he still has the capability to make a living as a speedy MLB outfielder who can hit for a high average.

Antonetti and company would love to use his ability, but with outfielder prospects Zimmer and Frazier waiting ahead of him in the ranks, that might not be fully possible.

Still, a .313 batting average in AA speaks for itself, and his 14 stolen bases in 76 games should not be overlooked, either. While Naquin may never be a guy who reaches 18 home runs in a full professional season, he has decent gap power, and with his speed he is able to stretch out a fair amount of extra-base hits. Contact hitting will always be Naquin’s strong suit, and if he keeps developing that area of his game while keeping the strikeouts down, he should be able to find significant playing time in the Bigs, wherever that may be.


Image credit to: cleveland.com


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