September 18, 2021

20 Years Ago Today – It Did NOT Matter if One Was Black or White

Today is the 20th anniversary of the 9-11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centers. Nearly 3,000 people passed away as those planes crashed in what was an unthinkable act against this great nation.

Currently, these United States of America are filled with hate. It’s simply that people do not like each other or their opinions.

I saw this morning that one person yearned for it to be September 12, 2001. At first, my thinking was, “Why would you want to go back to such a horrific time in this country’s history?” Then, the realization hit…

On that day, it didn’t matter if you were Black or White, Christian or Jewish, Tall or Short. Everyone was an American and together in solidarity for those that died, were injured and their families, too. On that day, we came together as one nation.

Sometimes, it’s certainly forgotten that we are all Americans. It shouldn’t have to take a massive terror attack and its remembrance to bring everyone together.

This is a Cleveland sports website. Thus, there’s got to be something Cleveland within this article, right?

Growing up, the games meant everything to me. Practically life or death. Now, as an adult experiencing what I have, I’ve come to realize that the results do mean something…just not everything.

Think about the hypothetical man that moved from Cleveland to New York and worked in one of those twin tower buildings. That horrific day, did he care about the standings and where the Indians were?

Obviously not.

Certainly, thinking about his own life, his family, friends and if this was it. The end-all-be-all.

Sports are an escape. A way to bring people together towards one common goal. Winning.

However, not the cure to the terrible problems this nation currently has amongst everyone, in each state or even city. People are unable to get along, respect one another regardless of color, religion or creed. It’s truly a terrible issue that may never get solved 20 years removed from the attack.

Stop for a second.

Imagine having to decide on jumping out of a tall building or embracing the fire and certainly getting burned in such a manner that it makes dying seem like the right choice.

Hundreds of people jumped.

A lot is taken for granted in this country. I certainly take plenty for granted myself. Those people went to work on that September 11th just thinking it was going to be another day at the office. We all know…that wasn’t the case.

Thank you to the first responders and all of those that risked their lives or even died trying to save others that were trapped in the buildings. That is courage at its finest.

As Americans, let’s try to respect each others’ differences and come together as a country.

God Bless America.

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