What a season! From beating the Saints in the home opener, to getting blown out by the Jags. To blowing out the Bengals on national TV, to the Quarterback woes. One thing you cannot say about this year’s Cleveland Browns season, is that it didn’t keep you on your toes. Overall our Brownies finished with an okay record of 7-9. But, even with improvement in our record, the Browns still can’t shake the all too common question. Who’s going to be our quarterback next year, and in the future? Well, we have him on our roster right now. And that guy is Johnny Manziel.

7 quarters is not enough time to judge whether a guy is going to excel or not in the NFL. It isn’t enough time for a quarter back to adjust to the NFL speed and toughness. In fact, many great quarterbacks struggled in their first starts, just because they are rookies and it takes time to get adjusted to the NFL. Rome wasn’t built in a day wasn’t it? Neither will Manziel’s great NFL play.

Take two Hall of Fame quarterbacks as a testimony. John Elway, the man we all love to hate, struggled mightily going 9 for 21, with 107 yards and no TD’s in his first NFL start. A hall of fame QB and Super Bowl champion, with an awful start to his NFL career. Fran Tarkenton, the same Hall of Fame quarterback that Manziel gets compared to the most, started out his career 8 for 24 with 117 yards and 2 INT’s. Similar to say the least on Manziel’s 10 for 18 for 80 yards, and 2 INT’s.

Johnny Manziel has mature a lot as a person and a Quarterback, but that doesn’t mean he won’t. Manziel looks at his  sub-par play in his first two starts and feeds that as motivation. Just look at what he did at A&M. He went from a no name 3- star high school quarterback, to being the first freshman to win the Heisman trophy, and being arguably the best quarterback in college football history. In two seasons. He has the drive, he has the natural talent, he’s a natural leader, and he will be the quarterback that brings the Browns to the promise land.

-Ben Schueren


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