February 20, 2024

16 Years Today and it Still Carries So Much Meaning


On this date in 2007, the Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Detroit Pistons on the road in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Yes, it was that classic game where LeBron James scored the team’s last 25 points in order to win, 109-107, in double overtime. The Wine & Gold went up three games to two and ended up winning the series in six games.

This game carries a lot of meaning for me now as a 26-year-old young man. I remember watching it with my father at home and celebrating the victory with a couple beers…just kidding. I probably had a Caffeine-Free Diet Coke or something HAHA.

I had a moment while watching Sports Center recently and it had to do with LeBron James. Of course, we all know the story of leaving, going to Miami, coming back and leaving again for the Los Angeles Lakers and that is where we are today.

However, today isn’t the same. LeBron turns 39 at the end of the year and despite the fact that he is still an extremely elite player, father time is ticking.

I remember when it was way back in the early 2000s and my late-Poppa Larry was telling me about LeBron who was currently in high school at the time. About the chances everyone was talking about the Cavs drafting him.

Myself with Poppa Larry!

The funniest part is my Poppa would say his name as “James Lamar.” We would correct him, but it was the thought that counted. He knew my love for sports and the Cavs even as a little boy and tried to connect. An amazing man throughout his entire life.

Circling back to the moment and it was the realization of an NBA without LeBron James. Sure, he had plenty of years on other teams besides the Cavs, but even so it just doesn’t feel right. My whole life was practically with Lebron balling out game after game no matter who he played for…

This Cavs/Pistons anniversary is special to me because it is certainly one of the top Cavs games of my life. Just the sheer ability to score 25 straight points on your own and 48 total for the game making sure the team was victorious.

I’ll never forget when James “scored with 2.2 seconds to go” and it gave the Cavs the lead and ultimately the win late at night. It means even more because the team won the series. (We don’t have to take about the finals that year).

Appreciate people and moments while they last because nothing is forever. Thank you, LeBron, for all the memories you provided me throughout my entire life. Best of luck with the rest of your career and future ventures.

Continue to Rest in Peace, Poppa. I love you.



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