February 20, 2024

100 Cleveland Browns Thoughts & Feelings Before Week One


Here are 100 thoughts and feelings about the Browns for you to click through before the season begins on Sunday! Thank you for reading and enjoy! – Zach

1. It’s an 11-game season

The Browns have to perform at a reasonable level without Deshaun Watson just to have a chance when he returns after 11 games. 5-6 record at the worst.

2. How will it begin? 

This Week One matchup against Baker Mayfield and the Panthers is poised to be a big one. We shall see…

3. This team lacks wide receivers

I miss Jarvis Landry, OBJ,  Rashard Higgins and like PRIME Josh Gordon.

4. Week One isn’t as big a game as many are making it out to be

I said it’s “poised to be a big one” and it is. However, it only counts for one in the W/L column.

5. Run More With Nick Chubb

Without the receivers or a good quarterback, this team must pound that football with Chubb and Hunt!

6. Cade York Can Be Crucial

A kicker doesn’t matter until he does. Might need him to drill a big one from 50+ yards for the win.

7. Deshaun Watson Needs to keep in line while off the field

If he slips while suspended it could end his season. He will have lots of free time and has to find ways to stay out of any trouble.

8. Jacoby Bressett is not very good and needs to prove himself

People are just assuming this guy will be able to lead the team. I’m not so sure. Prove it to me during these 11 games!

9. Head coach Kevin Stefanski is low-key on the hot seat

It’s not burning hot but if the Browns go 4-13 he could be gone…

10. Mayfield was sent away for a reason, even if he plays well Week 1

Even if Baker just destroys the Browns, remember why the team signed Watson and traded him. He wasn’t that good in Cleveland.

11. QB Josh Dobbs is Better than Jacoby Bressett

He probably should be the starter.

12. Team must find a way to utilize RB Kareem Hunt

Of course, Chubb will get his. How can Hunt, who is so talented, be a part of this offense that needs running back help?

13. Myles Garrett obviously needs the biggest year of his career

We know he’s going to be great. He needs to be even greater with the help the offense will need from the defense. 16 sacks in 2021…

14. Will WR Anthony Schwartz continue the drops or not? 

The drops during the preseason were awful. Let’s see if he figures out how to catch the ball and contribute to the team.

15. How effective will Jadeveon Clowney be alongside Garrett?

I said Garrett needs a huge year and he does. That will be made possible if Clowney can be a force alongside him. Nine sacks for him…


16. WR Amari Cooper must over exceed and then some

We know he’s a great receiver. This team lacks receiving help. He needs to be that target for Bressett to count on this year.

17. TE David Njoku may be a lifesaver for Bressett

With the lack of receivers, tight-end help will be crucial.

18. Denzel Ward must have huge year on the defensive side

The D-line is amazing with Garrett and Clowney. How will players like CB Denzel Ward perform?

19. Do you realize how crazy this Week 1 losing streak is?

17 straight openers lost. That is crazy. Let’s end it!

20. The last Browns win in Week 1 was 2004

The Browns won 20-3 over the Ravens in ’04. 1-21-1 record home openers since the return in 1999.

21. Pittsburgh Games Week 3 & 18

Circle those on your calendar. Let’s win them both.

22. UK Prime Minister is a Browns Fan

Prime minister Liz Truss is a Browns fan! It was on her Twitter! That’s awesome.

23. TE Jesse James may need Njoku-like production

Having that additional tight end target will be huge for Bressett to begin the season.

24. WR Josh Gordon would’ve been fun on this team

Even though he may not be the same as he was back in his prime with the Browns, the team could use a receiver. #TheReturn

25. Interesting to see how Jimmy G does in San Fran

The Browns never pulled the trigger in trying to get this guy to fill in with the Watson suspension. It’ll be interesting to see how he plays in San Fran and if the Browns were right or wrong.

26. Thankful QB Josh Rosen was released

Yeah, he was horrible in the preseason. Was signed to the practice squad, though…

27. Was it weed?

That picture with the Browns player holding the plastic bag became a big deal because it looked like weed. Was it? We may never know!

28. Browns players who made the NFL Top-100

87 – Denzel Ward

83 – Wyatt Teller

55 – Joel Bitonio

33 – Nick Chubb

11 – Myles Garrett

29. DE Chris Odom could end up being big loss

The Browns could’ve used his help, but he got injured for the year.

30. Watson debut against Houston is likely the biggest game of the season

The game is going to be hyped up like no other. Hopefully, the Browns have a solid record heading into the game.

31. Losing C Nick Harris could prove to be a problem

Yet another loss for the team. You can never have too many offensive linemen to help protect your quarterback!

32. Will the Browns use Chubb and Hunt at the same time?

Split backs! Make the defense wonder which one will get the ball!

33. Could we ever see OBJ down the road this season?

After all, he is currently a free agent. Could the Browns be desperate for help and look to him in the future?

34. Commissioner Roger Goodell is a *insert expletive here*

The way he handled the Watson situation this offseason was absolutely terrible. I am so thankful the season is starting and this situation is almost over.

35. Think about not just think year but the future

It’s hard to do but Watson was signed for five years. This is only one of five years and even if it is really bad the future is bright.

36. LeBron James should play on the Browns!

How fun would that be? Have you seen his SVSM wide receiver highlights? The team could use some help.

37. Like any team – can’t afford injuries

Especially with the current situation, let’s try and stay as healthy as possible. Unlike the preseason with so many injuries.

38. Need a signature moment in one of the early weeks (run William run)

Just something that gets the team and fans pumped up. Remember that Run William Run moment? It’s a signature moment and is still talked about. The team needs one of those early to get this season rolling!

39. Don’t hit the panic button early in the season

If the first few weeks are ugly, it’s not the end of the season.

40. What if Brissett thrives through 11?

This will be tricky. The team will still go to Deshaun Watson and I think it would be then great to have Brissett as a backup just in case.

41. Want a reminder – no Super Bowls

Ugh, Zach. I forgot the Browns hadn’t ever won a Super Bowl! Thanks for reminding me. Could this be this year???

42. Will WR Michael Woods do anything?

After all, Amari Cooper can’t do it all. Will this receiver help the team? They need it!

43. Browns sent picks for Watson – might end up hurting

Yeah, the team won’t be able to upgrade with first-round picks. However, it’s not like they’ve always picked so well in the first round anyway…

44. Browns were 8-9 last year. Can they improve?

If Watson were starting every game that would be an easy yes. With the current circumstances that could be a reasonable record for the season, sadly.

45. Is the division Cleveland’s to lose?

Probably have to give the edge to Baltimore and Cincinnati. Pittsburgh in last and the Browns at #3 for a prediction.

46. Expect more trades this year than in a usual one.

The team will be desperate for help in the wide receiver area and within the trenches. Maybe even some linebacker help.

47. Bye week (week 9) after what will be likely a huge Cincinnati game

That game could be huge against a division rival, especially depending on what the team’s record is at the time.

48. Last two games on road.

Won’t be easy to secure any type of playoff spot with the last two games on the road. They’re against Washington and Pittsburgh.

49. Should be an easy second-week win

The Jets suck and it’s the home-opener.


50. Teams will know Browns will be running the football

While the Browns should make sure to give the ball to Chubb and Hunt, of course, teams are going to know that is the strategy. It might end up hurting the Browns even with the talented running backs.

51. What will the team’s record be with Watson playing quarterback?

How will they play once the main-man returns? Might need to go 6-0 to secure a playoff spot.

52. Are the Cavs more exciting than the Browns?

With the Spider Mitchell trade, the Cavs went from a solid team to one that can contend for the playoffs and even go deep in them. That’s exciting. The Browns have a backup starting QB, not good receivers and a lot of question marks. You decide…

53. Will offense struggle as much as Guardians?

The Guardians can’t seem to score a run. Let’s hope the Browns can get the ball in the endzone early and often!

54. What game on the schedule are people not talking about?

Week 12. Tampa Bay comes to town with Tom Brady under center. Still without Watson and it may be a big one in Cleveland!

55. Might not shave my beard till Browns win

Yes, I have a bit of a beard going.

56. This year just seems to get less and less exciting the closer it gets

It just sucks that Watson is suspended for so long. Plus all the aforementioned flaws within the roster…

57. Will fans end up wanting Baker Mayfield back at some point?

If Baker firstly beats the Browns. Then has a great season for Carolina. Will fans be saying the Browns should’ve kept him? Depends on how the home team does, too!

58. Greg Newsome as good as Denzel Ward?

Cornerback help is crucial. We know Ward is amazing. How will Newsome be opposite the star?

59. Will the Browns be able to utilize the long ball?

That deep pass is always big each game. Will the Browns be able to have a QB that can throw it and a receiver that can catch it? Remains to be seen…

60. Will Watson be ready when his suspension is up?

Remember, Watson didn’t play last year either. Will he be able to jump in and help the squad with a playoff run after sitting 11 games?

61. Who is that surprise player no one thought would be a factor?

The Browns will need not one but MANY surprises this year.

62. Did preseason mean anything at all?

No, it never does. Only for that player fighting for a roster spot.

63. Set the tone early in the week one game.

Get that early touchdown. Shut the Carolina crowd up. Sack Mayfield a bunch. Show them the Dawgs have come to town.

64. Set season tone in first few games, sans Watson.

Speaking of tone, prove that this team can win games even without Watson under center.

65. Can’t rely on running backs even though the team may try to do so…

I pointed out that even though it’s good to feed the ball to the backs, teams will be ready for it. Thus, the Browns will have to find other ways to move the football.

66. Make that big play to win games.

Whether it’s getting that late first down to control the ball, or scoring that winning touchdown on a great catch. Make that play!

67. Defense wins championships, especially when QB is gone 11 weeks

Like I’ve said, will the corners show up? Will Garrett and Clowney be even greater? This team needs it!

68. Will the expectations be too much for the team?

Most think the Browns are a playoff team even with the circumstances. Will that hurt them instead of being the usual underdog? Hopefully, they can handle the pressure.

69. Will the Cleveland Browns franchise be hated due to Watson?

Yes, just look at any national Facebook post about the Browns and the comments.

70. How intense will road games be for the squad because of the scandal?

Every road game is tough for the road team. Duh. Even so, fans for opposing teams will have even more hatred because of Watson and especially if he’s playing in the game later in the year.

71. Don’t put all your eggs in Deshaun’s basket.

The first 11 games matter. Who knows how Watson will be when he returns? The team needs to play well even without him under center.

72. Will there be a snow game?

The weather always sucks in Cleveland. A game with tons of snow is so fun and gives the Browns the advantage with the running backs.

73. Have to be extra disciplined with penalties.

Without the starting quarterback, this team must be even better with fewer penalties throughout a game.

74. Browns could actually contend for a playoff spot.

It’s hard to say without Watson, but this team is talented. If it’s not the division, it could be a wildcard.

75. Let’s win all six division games.

Going 6-0 against the division would be HUGE for a playoff spot! Let’s do it.

76. Love this team no matter what or who.

Don’t be a Browns hater because of Watson. Love the team for the team and not a single player’s indiscretions.

77. Don’t break anything this year. 

No matter what happens – control yourself.

78. Run around the house naked after the first win.

Only kidding. But feel free to get excited!

79. Can you handle the pain?

There are going to be a lot of tough moments to handle this year. Will you be able to handle being a Browns fan for yet another year?

80. It’s not going to be pretty because of so many factors.

Watson, Back-Up QB, Road Games, Lack of Wide Outs, Injuries, Penalties and who knows what else.

81. Need that Rocky Balboa intensity.


82. Work on the game-watching room this week.

Have an awesome place to watch the games each week! (If not at the stadium)

83. Put off diet on game days. 

Order that pizza and wings. You only live once!

84. Purchase that attire and wear it with pride.

Get that jersey of your favorite player!

85. Significant other needs to know.

Sunday’s are for Browns games!

86. It ain’t over till it’s over. 

This season may not start off great, but it could end with excitement. We truly do not know.

87. Get refills on prescriptions before Week One. 

You may need that medicine STAT if this team starts to struggle.

88. Could the Browns cause you to have a seizure? 

Well, if frustration is a trigger…yes.

89. Make sure you have lots of beer/drinks 

Yeah, that beer could be helpful if this team isn’t good.

90. It’s more fun watching with family/friends!  

Make sure to enjoy each game with the people you love!

91. Appreciate each game.

It’s not like baseball or basketball. There are only a certain amount of football games each year. Enjoy them!

92. Remember the name. 

Be a Browns fan and remember the history behind the name.

93. Allow it to be a great season regardless. 

No matter what happens, try and enjoy it.

94. There’s always next year. 

With Watson playing the full year.

95. It is an amazing opportunity. 

The team still has a chance to do great things and win!

96. It can’t be that bad…can it?

Despite all the adversity, let’s see if the Browns can overcome it.

97. Will some fans not cheer due to Watson?

Yes, some fans will not be Browns fans anymore cause of Watson. It’s your loss.

98. This has felt like the longest offseason ever.

Finally, we are about to get to Week One. With all of the Watson news, it never seemed like it was going to start…

99. Tweet your opinions and be proud of them.

Don’t be afraid to share how you feel about this team and what they are doing!

100. You made it! Thank you for reading! 

Wow, you made it all the way! I am so excited for this season and I hope you are too. Please continue to read the articles on the site throughout the season. Go Browns!

-Zach Shafron


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