February 27, 2024

It will come around each and every year, the grand NFL. The players out on the field, the Super Bowl in sight, everyone focused on getting that big win, fans doing their NFL betting, and things getting exciting for all. 


Every year we see weird and wonderful traditions. You see players grabbing a cooler of Gatorade and dumping it over the coaches head. Sometimes a coach will try to outrun this, sometimes they accept it with a grin. 


There are traditions like this which end each Super Bowl, you can always count on these traditions. No matter what is happening. It is something you can always trust in. 


However, traditions like such are not only restricted to occasions such as the Gatorade bath, there are plenty of other traditions. So, that is what we look at today. 


#1. Cannon Fire!


The Buccaneers have a ‘swashbuckling pirate’ as their mascot, and rightly so, they have a pirate ship standing at the Raymond James Stadium. Each time they touch down their cannons actually fire. 


However, in Super Bowl LV, the Buccaneers did not see their cannon fire, as the NFL did not treat it as a home game.


#2. Tailgating Traditions


Tailgating is a football tradition across most of the USA, but Kansas City go at it hardcore. Which is not exactly surprising for the World Barbecue capital. 


Tailgating fans enjoy this slow smoking style, prepping meat on portable grills, or bringing carryout. 


Once cleaning up their brisket or ribs, they cheer with the Chiefs Rumble, with the drum line wandering into the lot before kickoff.


#3. Disney World Celebrations


After a team wins the Super Bowl, they will always yell “I’m going to Disney World” as the confetti comes down, and they celebrate winning.


 The Super Bowl MVP will say this phrase at the end of the game, and they will end up going to Florida. 


#4. The Mafia


Just over a decade old, the Mafia belongs to the Buffalo Bills. This Buffalo Bills Mafia connected through social media and named themselves the Mafia, having held meetups and more. 


They devote themselves to supporting their team and other team’s players through glorious acts of kindness and love. It is pretty awesome. 


An example of this would be when the Raven’s quarterback Lamar Jackson got injured, the Bills Mafia actually donated over $500,000 to his favorite charity


#5. Lambeau Leap


Players often enjoy coming up with cool ways to celebrate touch-downs, however when the Packers scored a touchdown at Lambeau Field, there was only one thing to do. 


They leapt into the stands just behind the end zone, adoring fans hugged and caught them.


This tradition started back in 1993, when LeRoy Butler vaulted himself into the stands after his first ever touchdown with the NFL.


#6. “Terrible Towels” 


The Terrible Towels appeared in Pittsburgh in 1975, this happened when the Steelers needed to get extra support when they faced the Colts in the playoffs. 


Myron Cope had the idea that fans should take yellow dish towels and wave them in the air to encourage them. 


After the squad made it to the Super Bowl that season, gold towels were sold with “Myron Cope’s Terrible Towel”. The Steelers ended up winning and the Terrible Towels became a symbol of success. 


#7. Dawg Pound


The Cleveland Browns have not necessarily got the best team, however they do have one of the most enthusiastic fan bases. Including the group which inspires the squad due to its rabble rousing.


They are known as the Dawg Pound, they sit in the bleacher section found right at the back of the eastern end zone. They used to be the cheapest steams but are now considered much more significant. 


These fans also dress up in dog masks, and they carry fake bones, wearing and saying anything that can help to inspire the team.


#8. 12th Man


Each team has fans, but not everyone has designated the fans to be part of the squad. Seattle adores their fans, especially the extremely vocal ones to be such an important part of their success. So, they have actually given their fans the nickname ‘12th man’. 


The crowd is also a game changer too, cheering so loud that the level of sound has been measured at 137 decibels, or even louder than a jet takeoff. 


It can make it so hard for oppositional teams to talk, or even run their offense the right way. 


It does give a good idea of what helped Seattle get a 7-1 home record a couple of seasons back. 


#9. Thanksgiving Lions


The Lions have played a game on Thanksgiving Day every year since 1945, and the Lions had played games on this special day way before then. However, after the Second World War ended, the NFL decided that Detroit would always hold a game on Thanksgiving Day. 


The Cowboys entered in 1966 and played a Thanksgiving game at the Cotton Bowl, their home stadium back then. The Cowboys have always played regularly since then, but the games were awarded to the Cardinals. 


The Thanksgiving game gained a 3rd type in 2006, but they are traditionally night games and have no permanent site. 


Thanksgiving football in Dallas and Detroit is now as traditional on Thanksgiving as having a roast turkey! 


#10. Cowboys Cheer Team


America’s Team is a phrase which has long been linked to the Dallas Cowboys. Although they were an expansion team in 1960, they have always been creative and original. 


It mostly came from Tex Schramm, and while he left the game plan in the hands of Landry, he made scouting talent into a careful science. 


Schramm had an eye for everything Cowboys, and he even came up with the concept of having cheerleaders to support the team. With the assistance from the Dallas area dance instructors, he hired a group of cheerleaders and dancers to represent the Cowboys. 


They were as much of the Cowboy brand as major players like Bob Lully, Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman, and so on.


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