1-On-1 With a Texas A&M Season Ticket Holder

Question 9:

This question is right up your alley and can directly relate, tell me what the atmosphere was like when Johnny Played? Different then years past? What was the fans reactions when he dropped back and scrambled?

There were a lot of factors during JFF’s tenure here that contributed to the craziness we experienced. The move to the SEC and the hiring of Kevin Sumlin were factors into the fan experience. So, yeah, it was different than in previous years, as there was a lot of swagger and the team itself played with a chip on their shoulder in the SEC, especially that first year.

We fans quickly learned to expect the unexpected when JFF had the ball. Do not go to the bathroom or the concession stands! The crowd fed off his passion. I remember one situation against Mizzou in 2012. JFF hurt his knee and was on the ground and I remember how quiet 87K got while he was down. But, he came back and made some incredible plays. Look up that game, and the Arkansas game in the rain from 2012 for some unique scrambles. Also, the wild pass to Labhart in the Duke game from last year….wow. Remember, Kyle Field has a natural grass surface, not field turf…so what he did with his feet on that surface was even more impressive.

I cant wait to have that in Cleveland Browns fans!

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