1-On-1 With a Texas A&M Season Ticket Holder

Question 6:

This may be a difficult question to answer, but did you see a immature kid on the field, or a leader out of Manziel. Do you think he was able to have a personal life during the week, and perform on gameday?

I never questioned his leadership on the field. Yeah, he was emotional; and the perception was that he was a punk on the field. Look no further than his first game back from the signature scandal when he came into the game in the second half of the Rice game in 2013. The Rice players goaded him a little and JFF took the bait and got flagged. He is passionate; not immature on the field.

Off the field? He had a great campus experience before the Heisman. Google his Scooby Doo pics from Halloween and you’ll see that. He knew how to party, like a modern day Joe Namath; but it never affected him on Saturday. After the Heisman, he had to lay low even in College Station as there was so much attention on him. I have no doubt he liked it here, even though he may have gotten a little frustrated with the request for pictures and such.

I did google the Scooby-Doo pic… johnny-manziel-scooby-doo

Question 7 asks the important question. Can Johnny Manziel take the Browns into the playoffs?

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