1-On-1 With a Texas A&M Season Ticket Holder

Question 4:

In 2013 You saw Manziel face Alabama’s top ranked defense. In which game he put up big numbers, but ended up losing by 7. What do you remember from that game? Reminisce on the 95 yard pass to Evans

Allow me to set the table for you here. I mentioned to you that I am a season ticket holder at A&M – my friends and I have been in the same seats since the late ‘90’s and I’ve been going to Kyle Field since I was a freshman in 1984. Our seats are on the first deck, 25 rows up, at the 5 yard line towards the north end zone. Remember that, because I’ll come back to that in just a second…

That Bama game – so much hype. The secondary market for tickets was insane as $100 seats were selling for almost $800. There was no way I was going to sell my seats and miss that game, though. The crowd was going nuts as JFF and A&M got up early, just like the previous year, to the tune of 14-0. It was typical stuff – a couple of runs, big passes to Evans downfield. Then Bama got it going against a porous A&M defense and actually dominated the middle two quarters. One of the more memorable plays was JFF scrambling in the offensive backfield for what seemed like forever. One Bama defender got a hold of his jersey and Johnny got away. He took off to the other side and threw up a prayer 25 yards downfield and Edward Pope came down with it. It was a classic JFF moment.


Anyway, one thing a Kevin Sumlin and JF team had was determination. A&M was down big in the third and came roaring back. In the stands I was thinking this was going to end up a blowout, but I didn’t leave. A&M’s defense forced a turnover on what would have been a game icing touchdown for Bama.

Remember what I mentioned above about where my seats were? Literally, that turnover happened right in front of me. Subsequently, the following plays did, too. I could not have asked for a better view. So, 95 yards to go…that’s a problem, right? Not so fast, my friend as Lee Corso says. JFF and this offense have done this before, most notably in 2012 against Ole Miss in Oxford. Johnny and Evans connected on a huge 3rd and long to keep a drive going deep in their own end zone. My point is, nobody is thinking “Oh, crud…just get a few yards to give the punter room.” We were all thinking 7; but we didn’t know it would come in such a dramatic fashion.

The LOS is literally in front of me on that 95 yard play. Ball snapped, the OL gave JFF time, Evans blew the doors off the CB covering him (such a physical WR, wow) and JFF threw the perfect pass. Kyle Field was so loud, it was unreal. Look, I’ve seen a lot of great A&M moments since 1984; but that took the cake for me. It was a special moment and actually kind of difficult to explain in words. I saw JFF drop back, I glimpsed over to see Evans beat his man; look back to see JFF launch the pass, and then back again to see Evans catch it. Looking at the replays, check out the body language of JFF – there was never a doubt to take this shot.

In the end, though, the defense just couldn’t get the stops to get the win.6735000

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