1-On-1 With a Texas A&M Season Ticket Holder

Question 3:

With Brian Hoyer, the Browns have needed to maintain a great defense and a solid running game in order to win games. Will that be needed with Manziel? Will he be as big of a liability as Hoyer was?

Hey, this is still the NFL, right? Great defense and running game are needed no matter who is the QB. If A&M had a halfway decent defense in 2013, I believe JFF would have led this team on a hellacious run. Go back and look at the scores of those games that season and you’ll see where opportunities were missed against Alabama and Auburn. The Auburn loss wrecked the season for A&M.

I think what a great defense and solid running game allow for is, the leverage to let JFF be JFF, especially if he gets the chance to start and develop in the NFL. I’m sure Hoyer has his own skill set that he does well with, but you kind of know what you get with him, don’t you? Maybe he’s hit the ceiling on his development whereas JFF is just beginning in that regard. From the perspective of A&M fans…well…it sure does seem like Hoyer has a bit of a complex when it comes to JFF. He seems threatened by him.


I love how honest he is here. Also, I agree with him where he says Hoyer has probably hit the ceiling. Johnny isn’t even close.


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