1-On-1 With a Texas A&M Season Ticket Holder

Question 2:

What is your favorite Johnny Manziel game that you attended? Also, what moment(s) sticks out to you from his college career?

Oh man, this is actually a tougher answer than you might think. He was only here at A&M for two years and you’d think it would be easy to pick; but each game presented a unique glimpse into what kind of player we got to watch. I wish I could say I was at the 2012 Bama game which was JFF’s true coming out party – the scrambles, the bobbled snap, the incredible wheel route to Ryan Swope…but I wasn’t there.
The easy answer is the 2013 Bama because there was so much hype surrounding that game and the revenge factor for the Tide defense. I will get to that game in a little while. Maybe my favorite game for Johnny was his last one at Kyle Field in 2013 versus Mississippi State. He had not declared he was leaving at that point, but we all knew this was going to be his last game at Kyle Field. MSU was so big and physical in their front 7, it was hard to run on them so much of the offense was JFF.
It was a typical JFF game – lot of yards through the air, some great scrambles, and jock strap dropping moves on the MSU defense in the offensive backfield. What stood out to me that game was the connection between JFF and the 86K that was there. The band serenaded him with a little different set of music late in the game; and the crowd was chanting his name. Once it was time to get into the victory formation, Johnny just went off – waving his arms at the crowd, running towards the student side to pay tribute to them and, once the final whistle blew, he ran over and jumped into the crowd to sing the War Hymm (our fight song) with the students in the stands. It was a total JFF move and that moment epitomized the relationship he had with the school. We knew he was REALLY gone at that moment.

I find it very interesting how he talks about Johnny’s character. How the crowd embraced him, and how he embraced them as well. Honestly, we need a guy in Cleveland that the fans can get behind, and have his back- no matter what. The fans aren’t behind Hoyer.


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